Our mold blocks are designed purely as a single cavity, hand casting block for large bullets. Our moulds are made of cast iron which we machine & normalize twice at 1100 degrees before the bullet cavity is cut. The moulds are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1 5/8" and have three 1/4" stainless steel alignment pins. The spruce plates are made of 3/16" cold rolled steel.

Our moulds are designed for use with standard Saeco mould handles.

We also make a few special blocks for extra large (up to 12 bore) or extra long (up to 1.75") bullets.

Also available are our Nose Pour, Hollow Point, and Hollow Base Moulds.


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To place an online custom mould please fill out the following information. Once we receive this information we will review it and contact you with any questions we have about the mould or request your payment information. We try to ensure our customers security and privacy with online orders. Please contact us with any questions.
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Bullet Dimensions
Please review the following diagram and enter in the appropriate measures you would like to request for your custom mould.
Nose Shape
Bullet Weight (eg 500 grains)
Barrel Manufacturer
Alloy (lead/tin eg 30/1)
Nose Diameter (eg .449")
Base Diameter (eg .459")
Seating Depth (eg .65")
Number of Grooves (eg .6)
Bullet Length (eg 1.45")
Rifling Twist
Meplat (custom nose size eg .25")