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  Casting Instructions
The following is step-by-step on how to cast your bullets. Please contact us with any question that you may have about this process.
Caution: Casting lead or lead alloy bullets may result in exposure to lead & other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm & other serious physical harm. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands after exposure. Always use goggles & protective clothing when casting bullets to protect against spills & splashes
1. Gently close mould.   2. Tap handle to make sure mould is closed tight.
3. Hold mould on itís side. Fill ladle & position ladle in sprue hole.   4. Slowly (4-5 seconds) rotate upright & hold another 4-5 seconds. Remove ladle from mould. Wait 4-5 seconds until sprue solidifies. On nose pour moulds until the entire ladle has run thru the vent on the sprue plate.
5. Cut off sprue by turning sprue plate.   6. Open mould. Sometimes the bullet will fall out now.
7. Tap handle hinge pin. Sometimes bullet will fall out now.   8. Tap handle on the side away from the bullet. Bullet should have fallen out by now.